REI heavy duty, low speed, high torque shredders stand up to your most demanding applications. A variety of configurations allows REI to design the most efficient system for each individual customer

REI Shredders tackle a variety of materials:

  • Paper – documents, packaging, cardboard
  • Plastic – purgings, moldings, films
  • Wood – pallets, scrap, cutoffs
  • Waste – foam, insulation, clothing, carpet
  • Other – tires, electronics, security, aluminum

Single Shaft Shredder

Our SS series features true “dump-and-run” operation, increasing productivity and eliminating the need to meter feed.

Dual Shaft Shredder

Our DS series operates at a slow speed with minimum noise, dust and energy requirements.

Tri-Shaft Shredder

Our TS series is used for bale prep to handle cores, bulky boxes, packaging and much more.