Styrofoam Densifier ready for January Delivery
December 26, 2013
Product recover and spearation
January 14, 2014

The StyroPress styrofoam densification test results.

briquetting press StyroPress® with silo

briquetting press StyroPress® with silo

Two months ago a StyroPress styrofoam densifier was installed at a furniture company in Arizona. This unit has been monitored closely and we are now able to provide you with some of the results.

This StyroPress EPS briquette system has now been compacting and densifying styrofoam for a couple of months. Feel free to contact us for the user and contact information should you have any questions of the buyer.
Some initial feedback from the buyer:
Reports are they get an additional 5 cents per pound for the StyroPress logs vs. the Runi logs. Trucking efficiency is the main reason for the differential. It has been proven the StyroPress can get as much as 53,000# in a 40′ export container. Feedback from companies operating competitive brands confirm the Rumi, Heger and Sebright units produce in the same 40′ export container an average load weighing only 40,000 lbs. with the StyroPress producing a 32% increase in weight. Additional feedback proves the competitive units are the need for  “Hand Stacking” logs with more cost in labor than the StyroPress brand styrofoam densifier. Another disappointing result of the competitive units has been the reports of additional labor required for clean up of the “slag”. A problem not associated with the StyroPress EPS densifier.
Pending at this time are the reports for electrical consumption. We anticipate more savings with the StryroPress EPS densifier. The competitive models will use a great deal of energy to maintain the heat required in their melting process. Check back here in the next few weeks and we will provide power consumption details. If you would like to be updated with the results of the StyroPress please make a request via email;
Visit our StyroPress webpage for more information and videos.

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