May 16, 2011
Product Spotlight: Dump & Run Shredding Systems
August 3, 2011


REI offers a large selection of stationary and self-contained compactors. From small apartment compactors to heavy-duty compression auger compactors yeilding greater than 8 to 1 compaction.

Our compactors offer a superior design, high energy efficiency motors, easy maintenance and a preventive maintenance program that is backed by our service repair team.

Stationary Compactor: REI’s staionary compactors are built to handle any of your size or volume reduction needs. From general plant waste to bulky, oversize materials, the REI compactors can do the job with minimum noise, dust and energy requirements. REI stationary compactors a available in .5-5 cubic yard loading chambers and are designed to pack reduced materials directly into 15-40 cubic yard containers.  For compaction of heavy, bulky items like pallets, furntiure or drums we offer auger/pre-crusher options to add to our compactors.

Self-Contained Compactor: REI offers self-contained compactors with 15-40 cubic yard capacity to handle large volumes of wet waste as well as mixed wet and dry waste. It’s sealed processing chamber provides a clean, no mess path for wet or dry waste to pass into the container.  Liquid flows directy into the container and is sealed in until the container is emptied, eliminating any chance of spills. Ideal for high liquid waste applications such as restaurants, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, shopping centers and schools.

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