April 12, 2011
REI Semi Auto Tie Baler
May 13, 2011


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REI offers a Wire & Cable Stripper for most applicatons. Our experience with leading cable producers means there is no insulation we have not encountered. Custom made machines designed for in-­‐line processes; handling more than one cable at a time; or stand-­‐ alone applications, are all in a days work for REI wire strippers. Three standard models are available to choose from or a custom unit can be designed to handle any application. 4 standard models are available.

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REI Hydraulic Alligator Shears are manufactured with three priorities: safety, quality, and reliability.

Each shear is manufactured with the finest hydraulic components, bearings, and cylinders. Safety for the operator is the most important factor for any company. Each shear is manufactured with a variety of features for operator safety while delivering the highest level of production. To ensure that your investment  will last for years, each shear is designed so service and care is easy and fast.

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Turn linear scrap into profit! REI Scrap Choppers are built for in-line use or stand alone applications. Standard or customized models will reliably process a broad range of materials. Maximize productivity while turning waste into profit and improving work space hygiene.


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