ROI Calculator

REI goal is to help you make a good buying decision. For most buyers, this type of purchase must make financial sense in order for it to work long term. The basis of a ‘return on investment’ calculation is what we call, C.U.P. – or ‘cost per unit of production.’ You must consider all of your associated costs, not just the cost of the equipment.

There are 5 Key Cost Components to the Operation of your Equipment:

  1. Cost of the Equipment
  2. Manpower
  3. Electricity/Power
  4. Maintenance
  5. Wear Parts / Supplies (baling wire, tooling, etc)

Let us help you make a good decision.

Answer a few questions and we will produce for you an ROI Summary that will give you a very good idea of what type of equipment you need, how much you can expect to spend and if the investment make sense given your available output.