Material Separation Technologies

REI offers a wide-array of technologies to meet even the most complex material separation challenges.

The need to extract and separate miniscule particles from recyclables is growing at a rapid pace domestically and throughout the world.  The environmental impact of recycling is measurably improved as we migrate to technologies that allow for the recovery every possible element.  Whether you are dealing with minerals, fibers or organics, the technology exists to capitalize on not just some but virtually all of the valuable commodities found in your input material.

Through the use of mainstay products such as shredders, granulators and trommels combined with newer technologies such as air sifters, screening machines and separating tables, REI is able to customize a systems that will allow you to capitalize on elements that were once considered lost.

REI has invested in the development of relationships throughout Europe allowing us to elevate our material separation offering domestically.

Trennso-TechnikREI is proud to work in concert with German based Trennso-Technik to offer the finest in innovative separation technology and equipment. REI offers solutions that combine European engineering and equipment with domestically grounded hands on delivery and support.  Trennso Technik brings ultra-modern and advanced engineering capabilities with state-of-the-art equipment to the customer-centric services, delivery and support legacy of Recycling Equipment Inc.

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