Dual Shaft Shredder

REI engineers, designs, manufactures and supports a series of Multiple Shaft Industrial Shredders and Grinders for the most demanding material size reduction applications.

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REI engineers and designs and supports a series of Multiple Shaft Industrial Shredder and Grinder systems for the most demanding material size reduction applications. The Dual Shear has the appetite to handle your waste for primary shredding with minimum noise, dust and energy requirements!

The Dual Shear utilizes the shredding action of high torque, low shaft speed counter rotating cutter disks in a variety of tooth patterns and sizes. It operates at slow speed with minimum noise, dust and energy requirements with electrical automatic anti-jamming action.

There are endless possibilities.  REI has provided effective solutions for a wide array of shredding applications from wood pallets to e-scrap, from tires to medical waste and from books to confidential documents. To permit firsthand solution validation, we are able to perform throughput and consistency testing and analysis of your materials.

Our shredders and grinders offer a superior design, PLC controls, high energy efficiency motors, easy maintenance and a preventive maintenance program that is backed by our service repair team.

PROCESSING OF: Product Destruction, General Volume and Reduction, Plant Cover and Land Mulch, Medical Waste, Personal Protective Equipment, Metal Turnings, Scrap/ Trim, Pails/ Buckets, PVC Pipe & Tubes, Glass-Fiber Materials, Plastics, PC-Housings, Computers and TV Sets, Woven Products, Aluminum and Tin Cans, Metal Shavings, Reprocessed Rubber Parts

APPLICATIONS & INDUSTRIES: Hospitals, Industrial Applications, Electronic Manufacturing, Pallet Producers, Furniture Manufacturers, Financial Institutions, Energy Recovery Systems, Recovery Facilities, Plastics Product Manufacturing, Fiber Glass Manufacturing, Warehouse, Tire Reduction Systems, Magazine Distributors

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