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REI offers a variety of closed door balers that are ideal for creating 2-3 bales per hour.  From a 20 HP with a 6” bore cylinder to a 50 HP with a 10” cylinder, REI has a closed end manual tie baler to fit your specific needs.

Our flagship model the REI CD6035 features Twin 10HP motors on a 8” bore cylinder packing 150,800 lbs of force on a full 3000 psi system pressure.  Engineered to bale multiple materials in a single baler, the CD6035 is capable of baling OCC, newsprint, core tubes, PET, HDPE, aluminum cans, plastic film, textiles among other materials.  The tongue-and-groove floor design and single-wall and keyed construction add to the stability and durability of this versatile baler.

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