BrikPress – the leading technology for briquetting presses!

While the Coca Cola Company was introducing the PET bottle in 1990, the development of the Strautmann briquetting presses for PET bottles and beverage cans started. Since then Strautmann has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of briquetting presses for the beverage industry in Germany.

Our briquetting presses are integrated into the ongoing production process in beverage bottling companies and counting centres to compact the PET bottles into briquettes. The briquets are then sold to recycling companies and recycled. The system reliability and quick response of the Strautmann service are an important competitive advantage for our customers.

  • integration running in the production
  • high proceeds for briquets
  • automatic concept
  • durable, easy to operate, reliable
  • transport capacity used at 100%
  • saving of logistics and labour costs
  • continuous operation

Possible Materials

  • PET Bottles
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Tetra Pak

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