REI Raising Money for Homeless Teens

August 2015 – NEWTON, NC – Every year in the Catawba Valley, about 60 18-year-olds age out of foster care without a home to go to, and 80 to 100 youth are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. These young people are unlikely to finish high school, maintain their health,…Read this Story

Product recover and spearation

Basic System Stainless Steel Construction Reclaims Liquid or Viscous Products Compresses Packaging Material for Disposal Product Holding Tank with Pump Attachment Sanitary Construction Completely Washable Processes Packages of All Sizes Press System Removes All of the Product Products Can be Recycled or Reprocessed Reduces Landfill Cost Eliminates Costly Manual Method…Read this Story

The StyroPress styrofoam densification test results.

Two months ago a StyroPress styrofoam densifier was installed at a furniture company in Arizona. This unit has been monitored closely and we are now able to provide you with some of the results. This StyroPress EPS briquette system has now been compacting and densifying styrofoam for a couple of months. Feel…Read this Story